A. Lühr-Lehrs


Wilder Majoran (origanum vulgare)

wild marjoram

Overcoming the ECONOMIC CRISIS with POTENCY -

as well as personal DIFFICULTIES of all kinds.

The greatest opportunity to conquest the economic crisis in EUROPE are new products that are urgently needed and sought-after worldwide! Prevention and limitation of deadly diseases, humane ageing, and the desired regulation of sexual functions are our providence in life. Destructive microbes, traditional as well as newly bred ones, are constantly attacking humans, animals, and plants. We have especially taken on the healing of the impairment of the human brain and existing failures.

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America, China, Malaysia, India, Persia, Africa and the United Arab Emirates will purchase remedies in Europe. Germany supplies the basic products to all European nations for the manufacturing of daily needed components for the defense against PARASITES.

This will create employment in Europe, unlimited and for a long time!

To explain the success of the required products, we analyze the reason for the economic crisis. There is no effect without a cause. The inability to find a way to solve the economic crisis is irrefutably linked to the lack of insight and the unproductiveness of the brain. The human brain would be in charge. However, since we breathe in at least 50.000 fungal spores daily from the inside air and consume them with our food, of which a large part is responsible for serious health damages, and which we don't completely discharge via the lungs, kidneys, and intestines, a toxic effect via the lymphatic fluid is a definite part of daily life. The proportion of the toxic effect of mycotoxins on the brain has not yet been scientifically examined.

Diagnoses verified by specialists:
„Caries and Candida (yeast fungus, possibly lethal), fungi in the eye, fungi at the teeth, fungi at dental prostheses, vulvovaginits candidosa, balanitis candidosa, genital fungi and diabetes, fungi circulating between parts of the body, persorption (transmigration) of living yeasts out of the intestines into the bloodstream, organ mycosis, secondary death by yeasts, .....“ (Hans Rieth, Prof. Dr. med., Mykosen, Anti-Pilz-Diät Band I, notamed Verlag 1989 ).

A latently diseased populace diminishes the productivity in the economy of their country.

The plague today.
An additional attack is provoked by newly created bacteria and fungi that are microscopically small. Nowadays, it is easier than ever before to unleash latent ailments and thus to paralyse the economy. The target of the attack is the human brain. Whoever is able to alter this central organ has the sinister power to enslave humans, animals, and plants. This is certainly successful by using biological weapons, because they can still hardly be diagnosed, if at all, and are therefore not verifiable. An example is known from the dictatorial era of the Soviet Union (USSR).

Under the rule of Stalin, a law against therapies with medicinal herbs was issued. It was outlawed to treat diseases with medicinal plants. The KGB (former Soviet secret service) went through all gardens and destroyed tried and tested herbs. As a result, not only the well-tried and reliable formulas of the people disappeared, but also the healing plants in vast parts of Russia. The russian of german descent who informed us about this event was animal care attendant. He recounted that, as an aftereffect, wild herbs were missing in the meadows, and cows were increasingly perishing: „Of every cow that dropped dead and had to be slaughtered out of necessity, we could utilize all parts except for the lungs. The lungs decomposed under our hands, they had a greenish color because of the mold fungi.“ Humans can also live for a long time with mold-infested lungs. Leukaemia patients are affected frequently. Severe and deadly diseases follow. The fungus infection won't be recognized until a few days before death. Too late !

Understanding attack, deception, warning, and defense as basic ideas of the successful life.

Nowadays, the methods of manipulation are far more successful. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi are deliberately modified by synthetic chemical molecules, cultured in livestock, released into close proximity of humans along with the feces, spread by wind and dust, inhaled and consumed by the population. Already in 2008, we have warned against the uncontrollable infection by entero-haemorrhagic escherichia coli, and we have requested at the district court the relocation of the cattle excreting the EHEC bacteria in the area of the medicinal plants - unsuccessfully. We have pointed out the danger of epidemic. Entero-haemorrhagic E. coli bacteria originate in the bovine's intestines because of synthetical chemical additives in the food chain, are excreted along with the bovine's feces, and brought into the vicinity of humans by dust and wind. Inhaled and swallowed, they cannot be sufficiently killed in the intestines. These atypical coli bacteria wander through the intestinal wall and spread into the human body via the blood and lymph flow. In the brain or in the kidneys, they may cause a chronic inflammation.

In 2011, several thousand people had to die of this uncontrollable infection, and a thousand more became severely chronically diseased. If the infection proceeds subacute, it won't be recognized because the warning systems in the brain are also disabled. The destruction of organs is the consequence. The farmers  themselves are affected first !

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Livestock are not being examined for human life-threatening germs, via excretion or release of saliva or tear fluid! Laws and enactments are missing!

Egyptian sprouts, as the governments have disclosed, were not the cause, but highly contagious E. coli bacteria, developing in animals. And the danger has not yet been eliminated. Countless cattle and other animals are still producing germs that are lethal for humans. These germs are being spread worldwide by the tons, and they will continue to cause harm to the economy, because the malicious germs are blown from rural areas into the cities, even in Germany. The people are sick without recognizing the cause, because the brain is partially paralyzed. Could it be that these lethal coli bacteria are obtained purposefully, and marginally spread along with everyday objects? There is no law that prohibits the excretion of highly pathogenic disease agents from bovine intestines!

In the german population, more than 12000 patients are waiting for an organ donation - hard to imagine, and counting! These terminally ill persons are not informed that, as a result of the medication against the body's rejection reaction, the death of cancer or another gruesome disease is inevitable.

The scientific proof is now more than 20 years old; since the year 2000, we have brought it to the knowledge of the general public. The human being, deprived of his genetically ensured recognition and defense strategy, is disoriented, controllable, irresponsible, bereft of his immunity.

Freedom as a delusion.

Every day, the loss of individuality begins by being exposed to parasitical fungi in the breathing air. Fungi are the worst enemies of humans because the negative changes of the human body also affect mind, psyche, and character. The individual, alienated to himself, degenerates, and is inclined to viciousness. Lie, breach of confidence, deceit, aggression, insanity, and war will follow.
We learn from science how parasitical fungi invade the human body:

The journal „pilzdialog“ 1/1995, p. 11: Dr. D. Hantschke, microbiologist and mycologist, University of Essen:

„When the cellular immune defense is overwhelmed, the fungus grows towards the vessels and into them. At all spots where fungus cells are deposited, and where the specific immune defense cannot deactivate these germs, endomycosises (organ mycosises) will develop. “

Journal „pilzdialog“ 3/1988, p. 43, Schwarzeck-Verlag, Munich, Prof. Dr. med. S.A. Qadripur: „ Electron-optical and histological researches have shown that fungi (yeasts) in the vagina can change their mode of life. They leave their merely superficial position and penetrate into the intact mucosal surface layers. The diagnosis: „No more fungi existent“ may be incorrect.

Journal HAUTNAH MYKOLOGIE, June 1992, pages 244 – 248: The physician and mycologist, Dr. H. Gemeinhardt, Berlin, was analyzing, between 1988 and 1991, the concentration of fungal spores in the breathing air and the smears out of accommodations and tents. The breathing air of unimpeded rooms amounted to 100 – 500 fungal spores per cubic meter of air. After determining the species of the fungi, a correlation between inhaled fungi and diagnosed diseases could be established. Multiplying with our 24-hour rhythm and the respiratory volume, we ingest at least 50,000 mold spores daily via lungs and intestines, in addition to yeast- and skin fungi, plus bacteria. Well-being and intelligent capacity are doubtful in the light of this constant stress. Nowadays, additional damage to the immune system results from the application of chemical-synthetical substances in soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, ointments, deodorants, perfumes, eyeliner, mascara, poisonous hair dyes, and hair spray. Whoever is also eating industrially processed foods, is surely losing large parts of his ability to reason and to love, without realizing it. The deceived brain keeps silent !

Toxin-producing fungi in the human body disguise themselves with unsurpassable mechanisms, including against our own immune cells. (Asteroidkörper, H.P. Seeliger, Diagnostics of pathogenic fungi of the human and his environment, page 550; H. Rieth, see above: Candida albicans et al. ferment sugar in the intestines into toxic alcohols.)

From the book E. Müller, W. Loeffler, MYCOLOGY, outline for scientists and physicians, Thieme-Verlag, 1982: Fungi are carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, lethal, and they disrupt immune responses (pp. 108 – 111); formation of respiration-, vascular-, and neurotoxins is obligatory in view of the frequently incorporated fungi.

„The typical infection takes place by inhaling, with ongoing colonisation of bronchial tubes and pulmonary tissue (possibly colonisation in the bronchial mucus without invading the tissue), as infestation of mucosa (candidosis, see p. 19, line 21), ... or via skin infection that is partly made possible by preceding maceration (bathing, washing the dishes). „Susceptibility to infection with most mycosises is likely to exist almost permanently, so that every human could get infected several times per day with candida albicans, aspergillus fumigatus, or with a pathogenic species of the mucoraceae.“ P. 157 – 158.

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Disease and death today.

„The ten most common invasive mycosises (table 1) claim more lifes than tuberculosis and malaria: Invasive fungus infections are the cause for roughly 500 million fatalities per year worldwide;“, said Professor Ulf Göbel, Charité Berlin, in this year's seminar „Systemic fungus infections 2013“ on 22nd and 23rd March in Berlin. (DMYK, Infektiologie Forum, Juli 2013, Sent Science News-Verlag with Juergen Hartmann-Verlag). To detect microbiological parasites is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. The individual is at their mercy. We can only estimate what quantities of genetically modified, deadly microbiological creatures we humans are exposed to today - and no control, no relief in sight, so far ! There is no sufficient research for this menace, supporting the state and independent of the industry. At the same time, the BIOTEST airborne germ collector has been standard for 40 years in clinics for determining fungi in the breathing air. Who doesn't want to be enabled to identifiy the germs in his breathing air for himself. These small format devices for the most common air microbes should be in every household, as well as sterile hotbeds and comparison tables! Training is essential. Natural potencies, resident also in the common lungwort (pulmonaria officinalis), that restore the detection by the warning systems of the body, should be in every home medicine chest. They must be available at any time. Pathogenic agents deactivate the sensory nerves of the nose by toxic aromas. We can change this for our benefit.

Progress against the economic crisis = creativity

The  new industrial heritage creates the urgently needed products and thus in all European nations the employment program for the youth and the elderly generation. Natural potencies cannot be produced without personal effort and not without manual work ! The potency, of natural origin, is preserved and regenerated by nature. Technical vibrations from devices alienate human beings from themselves and therefore obstruct progress and advancement.

The beauties of God's creation give us vital energy:

The essential oils in melilot destroy mold fungi in rooms. Instead of transferring artificial aromas into our lungs via air conditioning systems, the German railways, Lufthansa, and the shipping industry should at least research the active ingredient recreate it synthetically, because it can be harmlessly degraded by the body, like artificial Vitamin C. Ash tree leaves, extracted simply in water, inhibit the fungus growth; extracted in alcohol, they diffuse an aromatical, eroticising scent. Ash tree leaves are one of the immunologically most effective, and very beneficial herbal antibiotics.

The regeneraton of the red starfish, the elemental force of salamander, frog, and fish - transferring to a medium and thus making available for human use. In the natural medicine, components of the fish skin were successfully prescribed for people with insomnia for decades in the preparation „Somnuvis“. There are still healthy fish in the rivers of Portugal, as well as wild wine in the mountains of Portugal for the transfer of energy. Bryonia cretici from Greece should be available in every home medicine chest as a remedy against lymphangitis. Since the times of Hippocrates, 400 B.C., the island of Crete provides indispensable medicinal plants against the limited human ability for insight and change. Hippocrates cured an arabic king, suffering from insanity, who was suppressing the truth of his love. Spain provides us with the lovely fragrant artemisia (wormwood), which, as a wound healing remedy, ensured the victories of the Romans.

Spain possesses the indispensable basic substance for the love that stays for a lifetime.

Metals, precious and semiprecious, give invincibility to man. Who knows tellurium against lung cancer; aluminium, silver, and gold bestow permanent youthfulness on the ageing process; Potencies of mercury, indispensable against streptococci, gonococci, and spirochaeta pallida. Quote: „Mercury, Hydrargyrum, Hg, encourages as a catalyst the immune defense of the reticuloendothelial system against the inflammatory pathogens like the regular pus cocci, the diphtheria bacteria, and other infecting agents, as well as against the spirochaeta pallida“. (Julius Metzger, Dr. med., Gesichtete Homöopathische Arzneimittellehre 6. Auflage, Haug Verlag 1985, S. 999). Levigate 1g of mercury in 99g of lactose in a porcelain mortar with a porcelain pestle for 1 hour, so the energy of the mercury is transferred to the lactose; repeat this process 2 times, and you have a C3, a highly potent natural substance, non-toxic in the correct dosage, against infecting agents. Quantum physics has taught us more than 10 years ago that the accelerated charge emits radiation energy. Electro-magnetic waves can be transferred to specific media, and we can store them.

A divine blessing !

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Revolutionary discoveries are awaiting our world.

The usage of mental resources from nature is the peaceful way into the FUTURE!

We will correct that, in hispanic countries, almost all ageing people suffer from dementia. They are perfectly attended at home, but they suffer! 200 million elderly Chinese, and counting, are already waiting today for the products that will preserve their self-reliance. By this time, the eyesight is now endangered worldwide. Light is an electro-magnetic wave given to us by the sun. The human eye possesses a sensor for these waves, what a treasure!

This sensor cannot be replaced or healed by any material molecule. Only nature provides us with the light rays out of plants, biophotons, whose electro-magnetic potential is the cure for preserving the eyesight.

Choose for your eyes between euphrasia, cocculus, oleander, and other remedies.

Everyone of us can quit the worldwide suicide program if he still is in good health. We supply the nations of Europe with the potencies from natural substances that end inoccupation and self-destruction of the people.

New essential products today:

Diagnostic utensils should be in every bag and in every room: Sterile hotbeds for the examination of the concentration of fungi in the own breathing air. Sterile harvesting swabs and image tables for the first analysis, if yeast or mold fungi or dermatophytes populate my environment. Biological disinfectants! Comprehensible, small-format textbooks.

Airborne germ collectors for the handbag to be able to also check the breathing air in trains.

Microscopes with magnification factor up to 400, so the children can discover the world of the invisible parasite fungi, and train their intelligence, reason, and their protective reflexes.

Our mission is:   „SUBDUE the EARTH “,  which means,


This medicinal renaissance will significantly reduce the great suffering of the victims, the steadily growing number of diseases, and the rapidly increasing cost of illness. Laws and regulations protect the new officially assured health care of the citizens.

The elite of the trade associations and national banks will enforce the implementation of this recovery program for the people at the European parliament and the European central bank.

Anneliese   Lühr-Lehrs

Physical therapist, certified natural health professional, pharmaceutical entrepreneur

Bad Münstereifel, August 27th, 2013



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medicinal plants that protect against deadly diseases.

Prescribed successfully since 1989, verified by physicians, natural health professionals, and patients. We have several thousand reports available that have been brought to the knowledge of the authorities of our country.

Since 1993, physicians, natural health professionals, and patients have been trying to use this evidence to remodel the health care system. Meanwhile, the will to reform becomes apparent because too man people, as well as the economy, are affected.

We hereby commit this document with 12 notarially certified physician's statements about the effectiveness of these specifically potentised plant extracts to support your will and your active functions. Names and addresses were obliterated for reasons of precaution. We will gladly disclose them after consulting the notary and the physicians.

These documents substantiate our ability to ensure work and income for all people in Europe!

We expect funding Europe-wide by the European Parliament, by patrons and influential people in authority.




The cure of her depression and neurodermatitis
with ORICANT, Galivert, sulfur, and sepia within a year.

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Medical reports and therapy studies representative for many thousand others:

The excellent results with GALIVERT, HERALVENT and ORICANT have been achieved through the reduction of the immunological blockades induced through fungi infections, which accompany chronic disease.

Mentioned medical diagnoses:

see page

diarrhoea, obstipation, dermatitis

- 1 a -

Fungi infections after therapy with antibiotics

- 2 a -

excellent efficacy and without negative side effects since 1990, documentation until 2009

- 3 a -

irritable bowel syndrome with enteral candida colonisation;
neurodermatitis, food intolerance, skin eczema, hormonal dysbalance,
neurological diseases, psychic diseases

- 4 a -

Alcohol tolerance children from 0-12 years: dilute it in some drops of water or apply it onto the skin. These applications are excellently tolerated.

- 5 a -

Allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, conjunctivitis with light intolerance and blinking eyes, allergic induced irritation of the central nervous system (CNS) e.g. vertigo, muscle cramps especially neck/shoulder, neuralgia, allergic itshing of the skin of the head with seborrhoic skin disease

- 6 a -

Candida infection and their induction of eczema oral cavity, gingivitis, glossitis, inclusive oral soor, vulvovagnitis, craurosis vulva after antibiotica therapy

- 6 a -

Chronic recurrent lung infections of children up to age 3 years Strict percutaneous application (elbow or navel region). The prevention of reoccurance is good. The medication tolerance is evaluated at the end.

- 7 a -

HERALVENT (children):
Tics in the face (fibrillary muscle contractions) mental coercion symptoms like claustrophobia - Heralvent is the first therapeutic choice The percutaneous application to small children is successful.

- 8 a -

GALIVERT, HERALVENT and ORICANT help to clear the extracellular matrix which accompany chronic inflammation, regulation blockages, autoimmune-, nerve- and fungi induced diseases, sleep disorders

- 9 a -

Atopic eczema, obstipation - no negative side effects

- 10 a -

Eczema, neuralgia, nervus ischiaticus pain - no undesired side effects

- 11 a -

Tolerability for children from 3 mo. up to 12 years applied for e.g. gastrointestinal mycosis and recurrent infections can be treated with percutaneous application onto the skin of elbow and navel region

- 12 a -

Certified originals through a lawyer

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Prof. Dr. med. habil. D.G.S. Thilo-Körner, MD, PhD
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gastroenterology - psychosomatic medicine - environmental medicine
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can be recognized, but not the signatures and the senders or undersigners, respectively.
These have been omitted on the copies because the authors of the letters shall not
be mentioned by name, but their opinions expressed in their letters shall be preserved.
I had the original letters at hand, and also made copies of them for myself.

 I hereby attest the authenticity of the copies with respect to the originals.“


Heracleum sphondylium

HERACLEUM sphondylium

The overlong antennae are a proof of the stored agents
in the hairs of the stems, consumed by the insect?
The active ingredients in heracleum sphondylium
affect the hormonal balance in a fostering and corrective way.
- After all, unable to fly.