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GERMANY'S endless RESSOURCES consist of renewable raw materials and knowledge about the natural substances required for proper brain functioning as well as their availability.

We are seeking INVESTORS and PRODUCERS for natural remedies produced by means of entirely new technology. Electromagnetic information in natural molecules can be stored, multiplied without denaturation and transferred to human beings.

We have developed a natural method of harvesting and storage and have made sure that the formulas cannot be reproduced.

In the future, NEGATIVE POWERS within the human being will become surmountable.

Germany and Switzerland already possess remedies for the most deadly diseases that exist all over the world.

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Lühr-Lehrs Arzneimittel
Hohler Weg 12 - 53902 Bad Münstereifel
Telefon: 02257/7215 - Telefax: 02257/4111 - www.luehr-lehrs.de


Carefully developed, tested and marketable products

DEMENTIAA product designed to make the blood vessels of the brain invulnerable to change factors. In Hispanic regions, at least 50% of all elderly people suffer from dementia. In China, Alzheimer's Disease has increased sharply. In Germany, it is becoming a huge expense factor and also a burden to the economic system.
AIDSSubstances which protect human beings against yeast and mould toxins that pave the way for this illness.
ASTHMAPlants and animals in their natural environment do not suffer from asthma. 3 products to regulate the nervous activity of the bronchial tubes.
How does a tree, with its hard trunk, manage to transport moisture and nutrients to the leaf tips at the very top of the tree and to eliminate pathogenic germs? This is accomplished by means of a physical system.
St. John's Wort and angelica are among the ingredients - but they must be properly prepared! We offer 3 further incomparable products.
SEXUALITYNature controls this concept perfectly. 10 formulas to increase or to reduce hormonal activity.
ADDICTIONSWe offer natural substances containing the information necessary to eliminate CRAVINGS for addictive substances in the brain. You can continue to smoke as usual - instinctively, you will reduce your nicotine intake to a level where you merely indulge occasionally for your own enjoyment. We also offer cures for alcohol and heroin dependency.
GREY HAIRThis formula causes grey hair to fall out. New hair will grow back in its natural color.
Treatment is most successful when it is used from the very outset. Thereafter, 2 - 3 doses a month suffice once hair begins to go grey and fall out.
CREATIVITYThis formula affects areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for the development of creative ideas.
Our formulas can be offered in the form of approved medical remedies or can be produced and marketed in other forms. Healing is not subject to any laws other than the laws of life.

Maximum profit and ethics inseparably combined.

We have access to formulas that prevent the development of dread diseases and promote the life of the individual as decreed by providence.

We wish to make these products available to everyone. Their formulas are stored in plants and animals. We have researched a large number of them and have developed a process for storing and transferring the information contained. The intelligence and life forces of nature can be transferred and can serve as a protective mantle against destructive forces.

These destructive forces can be found in the microbes involved in reactions of the human body. In the human environment, they exist in incredibly large numbers.


They are trapped in technical devices and cultured, thus becoming visible and identifiable. Human beings are continually exposed to them. If our immune defenses are down, these airborne fungi also affect the brain. The concentration of these fungi in the air we breathe already exceeds acceptable limits. In all regions of Germany, the toxic effects of these MYCOTOXINS leads to dysfunctions ranging from paralysis to the degeneration of character!

Fungal toxins unleash malevolent aggression. The resulting damage to human beings is deadly!

What we need is a new national health program, new orientation for independent medical research and industrial products that respect human health as their primary aim. New laws that force government authorities to protect human life are also required.

For 20 years, now, we have been producing independently. Additionally, we have contracted other companies to produce 3 registered remedies. Their excellence and effectiveness have been confirmed by doctors, non-medical practitioners, pharmacists, patients and the fact that animals have been healed with them. Our products are designed for internal as well as external use and also as cosmetic products with protective immunological properties.

They consist of 100% natural substances and are produced by means of traditional methods. This is the only way of ensuring that information required for the regeneration of the human body can remain unadulterated. The human being is created in God's own likeness - the will of the world spirit - for life energy creates functional unity out of chaos.

The future is of divine nature. Knowledge is required on order to heal. All life is electric energy. All functions of the human body are regulated by impulses. Our brain creates electricity and produces electromagnetic waves. This is a huge field for future research.

The human brain is most reliable in its capacity to recognize useful and harmful frequencies. When it comes into contact with the latter, the brain functions like a switchboard and immediately sounds alarm.

For more than 200 years, the healing natural frequencies that contribute to further development of the human brain have been extracted from natural substances and stored in molecules.

As early as 1795, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann proclaimed a new method of healing with energized natural substances. He was among the pioneers who recognized and described microbes, toxins and negative frequencies as a cause of illness and mental confusion. During the cholera epidemic of 1832, he treated his patients with potentisized camphor. By doing so, he was able to reduce the number of fatalities to nearly ZERO. This brilliant doctor, who was also a researcher, engineer, author and pharmacist, found that the effects of natural healing substances could be increased many times over if e.g. chicona bark was ground with lactose or potentisized (shaken) in a mixture of alcohol and water.

The pattern for our production process is very similar. It is based on the following law of physics: Every accelerated electrical charge gives off radiation to the environment. The fact that electromagnetic waves have the capacity to store and transfer information is common knowledge today. Thus, it is possible to supply the human brain with regulatory and corrective natural frequencies when they are bound to molecules. These frequencies are found in multitude of species of wild-growing plants. If highly potentisized opium poppy is administered to a patient with regular insomnia, for example, he or she will generally fall asleep within 10 minutes. The proper frequency corrects the functioning of the brain without creating any type of dependency. And if it is the functioning of the brain that is impaired, we can offer natural substances to renew intelligence and promote its further development.

A healthy brain has the power to overcome war and eliminate torture and pornography.

For scientific background information, please see our web site.

"The most intelligent solution in the health system for both body and soul."

We look forward to receiving correspondence at the above address.

Anneliese Lühr-Lehrs